Despite the name, social media can be remarkably isolating.

A recent BBC study asked 1,800 social media users how their accounts made them feel, and the results were pretty startling. The study found that social media not only added stress to the respondents’ lives, but it also increased awareness of the stress of others.

Between the vitriol, the constant updates, the notifications, the FOMO, and the fake news, social media is a never-ending scroll of stimulation and stress. Even before the pandemic, our socials were frustrating, and as a business owner I’ve had my own difficulties. …

As I’m writing this, we’re currently in a worldwide pandemic that has had a huge impact on the world and its economy. Businesses have had to change and adapt to a shopping climate that suddenly looks way different than it did a year ago. For local businesses, digital media and marketing has never been more important, so I’d like to spend some time today looking at how local businesses can use their social media platforms during an uncertain time.

One thing I’ve noticed in the wake of the pandemic is that people have moved to digital spaces to form connections…

Recently in the Savvy Social School, one of my students and I were discussing a question I get asked a lot: should your business have one or two Instagram accounts? If your brand has two business branches, or if you have a main job and a side hustle, or even if your business is launching a podcast, the question may come up as to whether or not you should keep all your profiles on one account or split them up, and there are pros and cons to both options.

This blog post covers 6 things you should consider before creating…

Welcome back to our Sounder Coaching Series, where we chat with experts from around the podcasting industry. This week, we’re excited to learn about social media marketing from Andrea Jones! Jones is the Founder and CEO of OnlineDrea, where she works with podcasters to build authentic listener communities through social media marketing. She’s also the host of Savvy Social Podcast and the founder of her online program called Savvy Social School.

Imagine for a second that we live in a world that is absolutely perfect for podcasters. It may look something like this: You pour your heart into a new…

Social media is a fantastic way to build organic connections with your audience, and one of the best ways you can support that goal is to keep an eye on your analytics. Analytics are a powerful tool, but if you’re new to them, they can be daunting.

I know some people mostly just pay attention to likes and follows, but analytics are so much more than those numbers.

Today, I want to talk about the reasons why your analytics matter, and why you should make taking a look under the hood a priority.

Good Engagement Is Social Proof of Excellence

Engagement speaks to the quality and value…

I started using Airtable about two years ago, and I’ve never looked back. It’s a powerful collaboration platform that I recommend for all my fellow social media managers, because it’s so comprehensive. You can use it to track your projects, collaborate with team members, and communicate with your clients. And it’s free to use!

For a deeper dive into how this tool can work for social media managers, I’m excited to share my free video course on YouTube. It’s got all the information you need to get up and running with your business, including tips specific to social media businesses.

A staggering amount of podcast referral traffic comes from social media. If you’re an introvert, that can be intimidating! Heck, even for extroverts, social media is hard. But if your goal is to increase your listeners and make a bigger impact, then it’s a powerful strategy in your marketing toolbox.

Here are my top recommendations for using social media to promote your show.

Brand Your Content

This isn’t going to shock any of you, but brand recognition and visuals really count when it comes to social media. …

Looking to expand your podcast reach? Join the club! Podcasts have enjoyed a well earned surge in popularity recently, and I’m loving all the new faces (er, digital faces) joining the podcast world.

If you’re a podcaster, first of all, go you! And second, a savvy social media presence is one of the best tools out there to grow your brand.

Did you know that 36% of listeners discover new podcasts through social media? …

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Even if you’re a social media newbie, you’ve probably heard about sales funnels at some point.

It’s that seemingly mysterious journey consumers go on as they progress from total strangers to (hopefully) repeat customers and brand advocates.

More simply, the sales funnel is about figuring out how to get strangers to buy from you.

And have a fabulous time doing it.

Why do they call it a funnel? …And can we not?

Full disclosure, though: I’ve always hated the phrase “sales funnel.”

Has anything ever sounded less appealing than being shoved down a funnel?

And even worse, I don’t think it even represents a successful sales transaction…

If you heard about Instagram Stories and groaned because it’s yet another social media platform you’re going to have to manage, I’m here to tell you not to panic.

Instagram Stories are a powerful tool that gets you in front of your customers in a fun and organic way, and it can even be fun to post!

In this blog post, you’ll learn what Instagram Stories are and how to use Instagram Stories effectively as a promotion tool for your business.

Okay, what is it?

Introduced in August of 2016, Instagram Stories are Instagram’s answer to Snapchat’s Stories feature, so…

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